In Loving memory of Jhonathan Florez

I recently attended the memorial of a dearly loved man named Jhonathan Florez.

I had the opportunity to speak at the memorial, but finding myself overcome with emotion,

I was unable to say all these things that day, and wanted to share with you.

He departed Earth last year, much too soon, only 32 trips around the Sun with us.

I got the short end, having only had the opportunity to love Jhonny for a decade.

Of all the people I have ever known, he holds a special favored place in my heart.

We shared a bond that breached barriers such as age and blood and language.

So many incredible adventures we embarked on together, so much excitement,

and yet the most exciting of all was just the doing of those things with Jhonny.

celebrating the life of Jhonny FlorezI

The picture is the last of us taken together.

Prison is not such a happy place, there aren’t any “good” days,

but that day Jhonny came to see me I would relive over and over again given the chance.

The plans we had together for the future will now forever be left undone,

by the time I regained my freedom, he had flown away.

He was a fine son, a loving husband, a cherished brother,

an outstanding athlete, a competent teacher, a best friend.

It is very seldom that such a person comes into my life,

and the hole in my life that is left behind is filled with sorrow.

This is my lament.

Dear Lord of the Universe,

was it really necessary to take my Brother away so soon?

Did the heavens come up in need of another shining star?

Was there a shortage of loving energy in another realm?

Could one of your other Angels have done the job?

I can only imagine that the Universe had a dark spot,

one which only the brightest of lights could illuminate.

Thank you Lord for the blessing in my life that was Jhonny.